In many parts of the world, it’s traditional to serve seafood and fish at Christmas. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fish. Just make this easy recipe that uses frozen seafood and frozen fish and at the same time, save money: salmon, mussels or shrimp among others.

Pilar Piedra
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Benefits of the frozen fish

Once we buying and consuming food in general and fish-food in particular, it is usually to make a comparison between fresh and frozen fish. The lack of information and the false myths have a wrong image of frozen fish, attributing a series of deficiencies and prejudices that have nothing to do with the reality.

The main difference between a fresh and a frozen food is that the second has been subjected to a decrease in the temperature, causing the freezing of its main component, the water. With this process its shelf life increases, as well its microbiological quality is assured, without altering its organoleptic qualities. That is, in the most times the frozen natural products may contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh chilled because they are frozen on board recently caught, at the moment of higher nutritional value.

Pilar PiedraBenefits of the frozen fish
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